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. they were not going to chase good money after bad. they thought technology would lose. now they're back after seeing some of those polls. we have seen millions within the last week alone. there is only so much television time. we're going right down to the stretch. host: what are you hearing from voters? isn't making an impact? caller: i think they do in some way. there would not be spending all this money if they were not. at some point they just become one ad after another. it becomes a rapid fire. someone may think what is going on here? the message is not getting through. they have a tendency to focus and on things the candidates want them to focus on? they do get a message out there. by tuesday voters are tired of it. they're starting to make their mind up. these are going to get more intense. it is going to prove to be the deciding factor. you can read his , here now we will go to a debate between those two candidates running for the senate seat in missouri. this comes to us courtesy of st. louis. the debate is from october 18. it features such her career mc caskill and todd akin.
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1